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Welcome to all the students, alumni and visitors to our website. Thank you for visiting our site and for your interest. We here in Energy program have always strived for human resource development in the field of energy through academics, research and outreach programs.


Dr. P Abdul Salam wins Thailand Frontier Researcher Award for featuring in top 1 per cent of highly cited papers

Dr. P Abdul Salam of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) has won the Thomson Reuters Thailand Frontier Researcher Award for 2016. The award was granted “in recognition of pioneering a new frontier in research, based on core papers comprising the world’s top 1% of Highly Cited Papers in the field of Engineering.

Open Access to Archives of International Energy Journal

The archives section of the International Energy Journal is open to the public. Issues from year 2015 and earlier are available to download at Call for article submissions is also OPEN as usual.

Energy FoS in SETA 2016

Energy FoS  participated in SETA 2016. Energy FoS faculty Prof. Shrestha, Prof. Kumar and Dr. Shobhakar Dhakal were the key speakers in the SETA 2016 conference. . The SETA 2016 ws held in BITEC, Bangna under four different themes energy policy and planning, electrical system technology, transportation and alternative fuels, and sustainable energy and green technology. 

AIT Bags the Top Honor in Thailand's University Ratings

AIT Bags the Top Honor in Thailand's University Ratings, reaffirms it's position as a leading research institute. AIT obtained a perfect score (TRF Rating 5) in five disciplines, the highest among all 28 participating universities. AIT president Worsak Kanok Nukulchai was on stage to recieve the award at the ceremony organized by TRF on 1st Match 2016.

Prof. Ram Shrestha authors two premier RERIC publications on Climate and Energy

Emeritus Professor Ram M. Shrestha authors two new premier publications under the banner of the Regional Energy Resources Information Center (RERIC) of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). The books are titled " Climate Policy and Energy Development in Thailand: An Assessment," and "Power Sector Development with Carbon and Energy Taxes: An Assessment in Six Asian Countries."

CTCN Incubator Programme: National consultations in Bangladesh

CTCN, in the context of the Incubator Programme, held a training workshop and national consultations on 19-21 January, 2016 in Dhaka. The meetings were organized  by CTCN Consortium Partner, AIT in collaboration with Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad. The national consultations aimed at identifying possible requests to submit  to the CTCN, the incubator programme was designed to help least developed countries.

Dr. Govind Timilsina's talk on impacts of electricity access in developing world.

Dr. Timilsina, an AIT alumnus and currently a senior research economist at the World Bank, Washington, DC, visited Energy FoS to deliver a talk on " Impacts of Electricity Access in Developing World." He mentioned the role of access to modern energy, particularly electricity, in economic development and poverty alleviation looks intuitive. But empirical evidences suggests lacks of precise mechanisms through which the incomes are generated.


Mr. Melinda Yasaranji, Batch of May 2015 (Sri Lanka)
"AIT has been known for its academic excellence. Another appealing point is that it's a place where you can meet people from different countries and cultures. It gives us a chance to understand and empathize with each other. The networking created through AIT is very powerful and can last a life time."
Miss Raja.N. Ramakrishnan, PhD student 2015 (India)
"One of the best thing that has happened to me is getting the opportunity to pursue my doctoral degree at the Energy FoS in AIT. It's excellent international repute and strong ties with other universities paved a path for me to avail the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and work in Poland as an exchange student. The multicultural campus of AIT is unique and diverse. "
Mr. Ojash Man Singh, Batch of May 2015 (Nepal)
"I chose AIT because it offered courses similar to my interest of study and provides a multi-cultural learning environment. The courses offered in energy field of study is relevant to the current need of the world in terms of climate and energy. The research and the faculty is energy field of study second to none."
Ms.Pokchat Wetchapinant, Master's Student (Thailand)
"AIT is known for its high quality of education. Experts in energy are in high demand due to the current world energy crisis. In the field of Energy, AIT offers vast variety of courses which open the opportunity for each individual to develop their expertise in the chosen field. The faculty and staff are knowledgeable and very helpful. Apart from academics, the campus has great scenery for study as well as experiencing international cultures. I believe studying Energy at AIT is the right choice for me"
Mr. Pasapong Gamonwet, Ph.D student (Thailand)
"Energy FoS, AIT is only one in many University in Thailand that gives a chance for non-engineering degree student to follow his dream in the field of Energy. AIT provides you the international perspective from your international friends who sit and join the same class as you enrolled"
Mr. Tristian Guzman Magallones, Master's student (Philippines)
"I chose AIT's Energy Field of Study because this institution gives nothing but the best amongst its constituents. I have heard feedback from my colleagues and mentors back in the Philippines that AIT offers quality education and the fact that it is paired with a multicultural environment makes it more exciting. Energy FoS specifically, is one of the interesting fields as it combines the concepts of energy security, sustainable development and environmental issues all in one."
Nirmal Shankar, Ph.d, Batch of December 2016(India)
"“With distinguished veteran faculty at the reigns of our education, it's no surprise that the Energy Department introduces competent professionals to corporate and research fields alike. I was able to secure a career in field of my choice and I owe it to the knowledge and skills imparted by the faculty, who are approachable and minimize the student-teacher gap. The international diversity in this school gave me exposure as well.” "
Mr. Yi Thu Win, Batch of 2015 (Myanmar)
"“Being part of the energy FOS , diversity of people and rich in culture of South Asian countries originated from AIT make me strengthen in the area of networking , adaption skill and critical thinking skill . The experiences that I learned during the two years of study in Energy FOS, AIT,  will always be part of my life and I am proud of it . “"


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