Energy FoS in SETA 2016


Sustainable Energy & Technology Asia (SETA) 2016 was held on 23-25 March, 2016 in Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bang na. The main aim of the expo was to bring together planners, regulators, researchers, engineers, scientists, economists, operators, manufacturers, industry, scholars, etc., to exchange and share their experiences in research, planning, implementing and operating energy systems. The conference and exhibition platform was an ideal platform for participants to share views and experience as well as discuss the practical approach to sustainable uses of energy in the region. The topic of the conference encompassed whole spectrum of energy use from electricity generation to transport, from industrial use to household use. The main theme of the SETA 2016 exhibition and conference were: i.) Energy Policy and Planning, ii.) Electrical system Technology, iii.) Transport and Alternative Fuels, and iv.) Sustainable Energy and Green Technology. 


SETA 2016 was also supported by AIT, Energy Field of Study participated in the event as an exhibitor and for the conferences. Energy FoS faculty Prof. Ram Shrestha, Prof. Kumar and Dr. Shobhakar Dhakal were the key speakers in the SETA 2016 conference for the conference theme “Sustainable Energy and Green Technology”. 


Professor Kumar presented on the topic " New Trends and Directions in Solar Technology and Application" in day one 23rd March. 2016 of SETA 2016 conference. The main focus point of the talk was the need for more innovative financing for solar pv systems to penetrate the market  to provide better energy access for sustainable development in the  ASEAN region.  


On day two 24th March 2016, Dr. Shobhakar Dhakal moderated a panel discussion on " Greening Urbanization and Low Carbon CititesAIT Emeritus Professor Ram Shrestha was in the panel  along with Professor Ho Chin Siong (University Technology Malaysia) and Ravi Krishnaswamy (Frost & Sullivan). The discussion higlighted the strategies for low carbon emission for rapidly urbanizing Asian cities, policy and regulations currently in place and what the future holds for Asian cities to become more green.


Figure: Professor. Kumar presenting on the SETA 2016 in day one of the expo.



Figure: Professor Ram Shrestha and Dr. Shobhakar Dhakal in panel discussion in day two of the SETA expo 2016.