About Us

The Asian Institute of Technology with its mission to develop highly qualified and committed professionals who play leading roles in the regions sustainable development and its integration into the global economy promotes technological change and sustainable development in the Asian-Pacific region through education, research and outreach. In line with AIT's mission and goals, Energy Programs, Department of Energy, Environemnt and Climate Change (EECC), School of Environment Resources and Development (SERD) at the Asian Institute of Technology has been instrumental in capacity building in the energy related field for 36 years since it’s date of establishment in 1979. Energy is vital for growth and development of a country or a region, particularly in Asia. Asian countries are transitioning from underdeveloped to developing and from developing to developed countries, as a result the energy demand are soaring year by year. Increasing demand for energy can result in serious global and regional environment degradations, this is where our trained energy experts step into the scenario in planning/management of energy technologies and energy policy in relevant as well as efficient way to steer the development towards sustainable development and environment preservation. The Energy program is interdisciplinary in nature encompassing technology, economics, business, planning and management aspects as the future energy experts and policy makers needs to have an integrated approach to give them better decision making capabilities to address energy and environment issues of the 21st century. 


Energy program has been garnering and training minds from every corner of the globe to share and learn from each other and establish a global network of energy experts who are working in various international organizations. Energy graduates from more than 30 countries are working in multinational companies ( GE, Siemens, ABB, SCG, Mott MacDonald), International financial institutions (World Bank, ADB), United Nations (UNDP, UNIDO,UNEP, UNFCC), Academia (University College London,UK; University of Queensland, Australia) and Federal/State government ministries/enterprises/utilities (EGAT, PEA, MEA, EVN, EdC, energministries). International recognition of Energy faculty through memberships in editorial boards of international journals, invited presentations, reviewers, etc. and linkages in the region and beyond have positioned the Energy program to be a regional hub for energy related issues. Energy program conducts strategic state-of-art research to support technology, market and policy development. The current research focuses of  Energy program are in the area of Energy and GHG Mitigation; Energy and Climate Policy Analysis; Barrier and Options in Improving Energy Access in South and Selected South East Asian countries; Renewable Energy; Energy efficiency and Conservation; Smart Grid; Low Carbon Technology Assessments, and issue of Regional Energy Integration.