M.B.A in Energy Business

M.B.A in Energy Business
Energy business in Asia need specialized professionals capable of efficiently managing energy companies/utilities under the emerging competitive energy business environment and climate friendly corporate practices. this new program, in collaboration with AIT's School of Management, is designed to meet the human resource requirement of the region. The program integrates core business management courses with core energy courses related to energy economics and planning, energy resources and technologies, electricity and other energy industry specific courses.
To prepare graduates, capable of efficiently managing energy companies in the increasingly globalized business environment through modern management approaches.
Issues dealt
-Contemporary settings within which the Asian energy business has to be managed
-Interactions between national economic development, competition, patterns of technological and market change, and the structure and development of  internal enterprise capabilities
-Investment in technologies, investments structuring, anticipating and responding to the behavior of competitors, suppliers and customers
-Process of energy technology acquisition and the interrelationships between technology transfer and research and development management
-Usage of various methods, tools and techniques for evaluation of various options related to energy business
-Link between national energy and environment related policies and the competitive behavior of the enterprise
Preferred background
Minimum Bachelor degree in engineering, science, economics, management, business, public administration or equivalent with minimum of 3 years of work experience.