English Requirements

AIT is an international institution where English is the official language for all activities on campus. AIT admits student from around 45 different countries. The ability to write competently in an academic and technical style is an important requirement.

All prospective students must submit one of the “Officially Accepted Tests” that meet the minimum requirement for admission at the Asian Institute of Technology. Acceptable means of demonstrating proficiency are the following:
  • Officially Accepted Tests
The tests approved for admission and the minimum scores accepted are:
AIT English Entry Test (EET) – 6.0 (Writing Score)
CEFR (Europe) – B2
– CET (China) – 560
IELTS – 6 (Writing Score)
iTOEFL – 76 (paper-based – 550 /computer-base -210)
Test scores are valid for only two years. See AIT Requirements and Procedures for more details.
  • Certificate of English Medium of Instruction
Applicants who have completed degree programs at universities or colleges in which English is the medium of instruction for all courses may have the Registrar of their respective institutions submit a Certificate of English Medium of Instruction to AIT on their behalf.
NOTE! These applicants are not required to submit a test score but are required upon arrival to sit AIT’s Academic Writing Test (AWT). This test score will be used to demonstrate that they have or have not fulfilled AIT’s language requirement for graduation.
  • Exemption
Applicants who are citizens of and have been educated in an English-speaking country (e.g., Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA) are exempted. Proof of citizenship and studies must be submitted.
The Language Center (LC) offers an in-house test of English proficiency called the AIT English Entry Test (EET). The score is based on a nine point scale similar to that of the International English Testing Service (IELTS). The Writing score, which is the most important at AIT, is based on an essay. The prospective students can take the re-test to improve their writing scores. There is no limit to the number of times they can take the test, however the LC recommend the prospective students study before taking the test again. Currently, there are four ways to apply for taking the English Entry Test, please visit the AIT language center for more information.